Happy & Healthy




A magnificient mandala painting. A nature hug with big stones and trees. Making powerfull afirmations. Having a walking meditation through nature. Opening your heart and soul to new feelings. Opening your mind to new way of living. Connection with yourself. Collection of self grown food. Cooking healthy meals. Doing pilates, yoga or tai chi. Having fun on a waves of a loving time with a spice of Magic.


The Art Of Living that you deserve. The Art Of Living that Your heart is yearning for. The Art Of Living In the NOW. The Art of Living the life as a master creator. The Art of Living in Joy, Peace and Harmony. The Art of living your gifts & talents.


The COACHING programs are tailored in many beautifull and soulfull ways for individuals and for groups. Whether You are a beginner or already with some experiences I AM fully prepared to support you on your path for discovering a new life. You will visit me here in Opatija or othervise I will visit you at your location, all depending on my availability schedule. Mauro Zaraj, Your Guide, Coach, Trainer & Counsler. Click here for emailing me your wishes. 



To experience fullness of life, To awaken happy and joyfull, To discover the beauty of the Soul, To activate hidden talents and gifts, To regain sovereignity and power, To love unconditionaly, To be abundant in everything. This and much more are the treasures of the SELF DISCOVERY adventure.
SELF DISCOVERY is a jump / shift from the old life which makes no sense anymore to a new one, empowered and uplifted. It is a LIFE in FULL STYLE beautified with inner qualities, gifts and tallents graciously offered to the world and all encounters. Th SELF DISCOVERY is done in a way that is easy, comfortable and productive and it is so because We know from where to start ; We know where this path leads; We know what treasure will be found on the path ; We know how to handle the encounters ; We know what is needed on the path ;We know all this because WE ARE THE PATH.

Mauro Zaraj

Mauro Zaraj

Your guide, coach, trainer and counsler
I AM Consulting, guiding, training and enabling “true leadership” amongst celebrities, managers, directors, sport coaches, politicians, kings and presidents. Bringing the experience, momentum, strength and connection for handling, coming through, confronting and transforming energies within that require resolution. I am in full authority of my connection with the source and this brings absolute knowledge, power and wisdom which I freely use in my service to humanity by empowering and awakening “true leaders/role models” this world desperately need. MZ

Cosmic Vision

For the NEW Amazing Planet Earth
We designed new lifes, new experiences and new posibilities, We energized and infused LIFE FORCE for a new empowered life architecture. We created soulfully arranged and flourishing sacred spaces. As a direct consequence this world gained in sovereign humans acting and creating from the heart, respecting and loving Mother Earth and living an abundant life in harmony with all that is. MZ