Renaissance Lightcity

Divine Plan & Clear vision - Marvelous design concept - Fluorishing living concept - Beautifull location with natural reachness - Magnitude of cosmic energies - Energy portals integrated - Cosmic connection established - Abundant flow of everything - Empowered and Enlighted team - Synchronized activities – Uplifted creativity – All desires and wishes fulfilled – Masterplan Completed - A new living standard established - Life reinvented - Unity emerged

HIGENS: Holistic Integrated Green Evolutionary NoHarm Sustainable
HYGEIA – In Greek ‘hygeia’ meant ‘soundness’ or ‘wholeness’. Hygiene in medicine was about maintaining the ‘wholeness’ of the body and keeping it fit. This is called ‘health’. Hippocratic doctors from the 300s CE onwards gradually formulated a philosophy of hygiene that covered every possible aspect of health – mind, body and environment.”


The places dedicated for nestling this settlements are located at the positions of earth energy portals and are alligned with cosmic and earth energies. This allignment is providing continuos flow of beneficial energies thus serving as a shower of awakening for its citizens. Full and rich in natural resources, connected with the source through cosmic technologies this places serves as a home for awakened people and a place of healing and retreat for those on the way of awakening. This places are built with healthy natural materials in full respect of mother earth . Green technologies and cosmic designs together with the artistic touch are tools used for building a collorfull, invigorating and healthy environment for living and working. It is a place where happiness and creativity abound and where only what is good for all receive support. Homes for resident people, retreat hotel for visitors, creative centers, organic gardens, playgrounds, meeting places all of this and much more immersed in the green heaven of mother earth.


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones making a new standard of living, embraced from inside and abundantly mirrored in the magical process of creativity. Integrating cosmic technologies, soulfull concepts and artistic expressions, making ways for designs that inspire the heart and give motivation for becoming more then we imagined we could be. Bringing together all our divine experiences, talents and capabilites, our love for ourselves and for mother Earth and our passion for life. Delivering majestic projects showcasing the new Art Of Living. The best is jet to come and we will made it better then we expected. This is a promise we made to ourselves.
A team of powerffull master creators are gathering for this adventure. A soul family reunion is taking place and supports come from all sides of the globe in all possible ways.