About Us

Mauro & Katarina Zaraj


Two Artists, 4 hands, One Cosmic Heart. Two different styles that match and combine together like honey and milk. Both liking to play with similar themes but exposing their unique artistic blueprint. You will find beautifull women, trees, mandalas, cosmic and earthly themes .And You will feel beautifull and uplifting energies which will deeply inspire you.In the same moment dynamic and peacefull, strong and gentle, loudy and silent.But touching your heart desires and sounding like a beautifull song of life you that you were keeping hiden deep within you. For you, for us, for everybody the time has come for this newness of expression, the best version of ourselves to become known and visible in the same way it is in the ZARAJ paintings.

Katarina Zaraj

Fairy Artist
The sweetness & romance, The happiness and playfullness, The beauty and goodness of her core are all reflected in her paintings. She is a diamond which shine the finest light in all direction and with all colors.

Mauro Zaraj

Cosmic Art Channeler
His art is pure magic and brilliant vision. Through his hands he is channeling beautiful artwork mostly attributed to be PERFECT. From the deepest level of himself he is diving for the pearls of love, wisdom & power.

The ZARAJ story

ZaRaj! The meaning of ZA is “for” and the meaning of RAJ is “heaven”, therefore the meaning of ZARAJ is “for heaven”. This is not just a name, it is a beautifull pathway of awakening we are all on. Heaven is not just a place somewhere, it is here and can be achieved by activating the dormant inner connection with the SOURCE of everything. Then a new and sweet life stand in front of you. A powerfull, soulfull and joyfull life, abundant of posibilities and resources. ZARAJ ART is  ART OF LIVING.


To cook a beautifull and inspired life we are using special ingradients and spices. True love & compassion, happiness & Joy,  peace and wisdom to name a few. We collect them through focused, persistent and patient work of self discovery which require daily focus on the True Self, on the state of our mind and emotions and on the physical body. For that purpose we use different techniques like meditation, visualisation, affirmations, creative works, paintings, spending time in the nature, running, hugging trees and stones, collecting self grown food, singing, exercising pilates,  swimming in the sea during the winter season and eating organic food. The list goes on and new beautiful experiences are regularly added to enrich our lifes. We are master guides and wayshowers for the paths of self discovery, self mastery and awakening.