The Galactic King

The Galactic King

MESSAGE: I am the Galactic King , the master of my world. I am deciding what will be possible in my life and what experiences I will enjoy. I am rulling my kingdom with oneness, unconditional love and wisdom in my heart. What is good for all is good for me and I keep the fortress protected with my light transforming all energies which are not for the highest good of all. The Sun and the Stars are my friends and comrades in my galactic adventures. Always by my side they follow me and providing the necessary support.

Great care for the details and for the combination of colors has produced beautyfull , harmonious & balanced artwork. Made on a high quality stretched canvas with oil colors (95%) and acrylic (5%) colors. The face is enriched with Swarovski and Preciosa crystals

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Project Details

  • available

  • 50x70cm

  • mixmedia on canvas

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