Empowered Designs



Harmony, Beauty & Balance through cosmic and earth alignment.

In the process of designing the spaces we combine our artistic & energetic abilites as the key for having beauty, harmony and good vibrations all under one roof. The difference in living or working in such place is great because we approach our work from a deep level of understanding and connection therefore creating spaces that supports a human quest for a happy,healthy and abundant lifestyle.
Symbols, sacred geometry, colors, shapes, materials, objects, aromas, sounds and movements are perfectly combined, alligned and merged in sinchronicity with the cosmic movements of the stars. This is the secret of how we do Empowered Designs.

Cosmic Architect & Designer

In Full Authority, Power and Wisdom

The artistic expressions which forms parts of the designs  serves as a spring of good energies for nurturing the soul, body and mind. Empowered designs are about creating your personal home retreats and inspirative and motivational working environments.
The scope of our work can range from a painting on the wall to an entire wall, from an entire room to an entire living or working place/building or project. We do not have limits in applying our creative abilities and bringing this beautifull lifestyle solutions to your place.
If You feel your project need to be empowered with our designs & portals of good energy feel free to send us the details and descriptions at: info@zaraj-art.com (we speak english and italian ).